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Saving money with boat LED lights

Boat lights can represent a considerable expense, but the use of new technologies can greatly reduce that cost. Lighting is required both in the form of navigation lights to make other vessels aware of its presence, spotlights to shed intense light where needed, and interior lights in the form of cabin lights as well as courtesy lights for ladders and passageways and underwater lights. Replacing all these lights with LEDS can represent a considerable savings. The higher energy efficiency of LED lamps means the entire boat can be lit for the cost of burning a single incandescent bulb.

Power saving

Most boat lights are incandescent bulbs which produce light by heating a filament. They use a great deal of expensive electricity. Heating filaments, not surprisingly, generates heat, and in small cabins the amount emitted can be uncomfortable. The newer boat LED lights use about a quarter of the energy of incandescent bulbs, and they burn much cooler than the older style of bulbs. Not only cabin lights and courtesy lights but also navigation lights, spotlights and even underwater lights will operate far more economically using LED technology rather than incandescent.

Battery life

One of the more expensive portions of a lighting system is the batteries. In a marine context these batteries are usually charged by a dynamo while the engine is operating. If the vessel is moored it may be connected external power. Using less energy decreases the cost of operating boat lights, whether the bill comes in the form of a fuel bill or an electricity bill, but it also has another benefit. The biggest factor in the decline of a battery is the amount of power it is asked to deliver. Using lower powered LED navigation lights and interior lights can significantly extend the life of the batteries that power them.

Prevents problems

A lighting system contains fixtures, switches, wiring, breakers or fuses, a battery and often a dynamo and a connector to fit a power pedestal in a marina. Supplying excessive amounts of power to a light bulb stresses all these items, shortening their lives and sometimes causing expensive trouble to the entire system. High power incandescent bulbs stress the system during normal operation, and when they fail they often cause a surge that leads to further degradation. The lower power level of LED lights means that they strain the other parts of the system less, reducing problems and therefore maintenance costs. In particular the use of failure-resistant LED navigation lights presents an improvement in boating safety.

Bulb life

Changing a light bulb is such a common task that it has entered into folklore. The cost of all those bulbs add up, especially if the bulb is not in a bedside lamp but an underwater fixture on a yacht. Boat LED lights use bulbs that last more than 40 times as long as as their incandescent equivalents. While they are more expensive in the initial instance than incandescent bulbs, their long life makes them a clear winner even in the purchase price.
Technology is famous for reducing the cost of accomplishing necessary tasks. LED lamps are no exception. Boat LED lights can reduce not only the direct energy cost of lighting a boat, but also the indirect costs of maintenance and the purchase of light bulbs. The low heat production, long life span and low power requirement of LED bulbs makes them ideal for marine use. LED navigation lights, spot lights and interior lights are all proven money savers.