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SPOT PLB How They are Changing Safety and Security

PLBs By SPOT How They Work

Personal Locator Beacons or PLBs there are a lot of different options available today from SPOT the leading brand of PLB manufactures. First off let’s explore how the SPOT technology works, each SPOT PLB has an onboard GPS chip which determines your GPS location using satellites to get your position. From there the SPOT PLB sends you position data to a commercial satellite system the satellite relays the data and message to specific satellite antennas around the world. The satellite antennas and global network then route your location and message to the appropriate network either to internet email, cell phone sms, or to the emergency response center. The actual path depends on the type of message you are sending, an SOS signal gets sent directly to the GEOS International Rescue Coordination Center. The emergency response center will then contact the appropriate authorities to initiate a rescue response. A “check in OK” message is sent to your pre-determined email or cell phone contacts. Check in messages are also tracked via the SPOT adventure web site and your position data plotted on a Google Map for Family and friends to track your trip. On land, sea or in the air the SPOT system has you covered around the world! All models require a service subscription and activation rates vary slightly depending on what model and services you opt for.

The Full Line of SPOT PLBs

PLB features offered by SPOT are unique to the brand. The basic model is The SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker it has four easy to use functions. The first is SOS / 911 this function is used in the event of life threatening or other critical emergency the emergency response center of your GPS location and that you need assistance. The GEOS International Emergency Response Center alerts the appropriate agencies worldwide, for example contacting 911 responders in North America and 112 responders in Europe. The second feature HELP sends a message to your personal contacts to notify them that you need assistance, you can also purchase the optional SPOT Assist service that when activated will notify professional services such as a towing service to offer non life threatening assistance. The third function is the most used and fun! The Check in OK feature sends a pre-programmed message along with your GPS location to up to ten pre-determined contacts either via SMS text message or email. You can also view your waypoints online by setting up a SPOT Adventure account. The forth function is the Track Progress which at the push of a button on your SPOT PLB allows you to send and save your locations for your contacts to track your progress in near real time on Google Maps, Once tracking is engaged on the PLB it will automatically send your position track every ten minutes for 24 hours or until the track feature is disabled. The Spot Satellite GPS Messenger incorporates an additional feature which allows for custom messages to be sent with your GPS location you can use this feature as a secondary OK message and the unit is lighter and more compact.

PLBs Not Just for Emergency’s

The latest Product from SPOT is set revolutionize the way smart phones are used when your off the grid or out of cell range! Now with the SPOT Connect you can turn your smart Phone into a satellite communicator. Simply turn on the phones Bluetooth pair the phone with the SPOT Connect and you can send Text messages, Email and even update Facebook or Twitter from anywhere on the planet.

PLB Technology has Security and Safety Covered

SPOT PLB Vessel security no matter where you are you can monitor your boat. The SPOT HUG sets up a virtual perimeter around your boat. Using advanced satellite technology it monitors not only the vessel position but can also be tied into systems onboard to monitor the level of water in the bilge, ignition system, battery voltage and even external sensors. If the vessel moves outside of the virtual perimeter set by the SPOT HUG you will receive an email or a text message alerting you to what is happening with your boat. The system can even alert the authorities in the event of a theft giving an exact GPS location to assist in recovery. The SPOT HUG also incorporates all of the functions of the SPOT GPS Messenger allowing for reliable location-based messaging via satellite enabling you to keep in constant contact. Send a message to check in or to summon help in an emergency.

Who uses PLBs by SPOT

PLBs by SPOT are used by a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts including Backpackers, Boaters, Campers, Cyclists, Climbers, Fishermen, Geocachers, Hikers, Hunters, Motorcyclists, Kayakers / Canoeists, Off-Road Enthusiasts, Pilots, Road Warriors, Sailors and Snowmobilers. Some endurance type races even require the use and registration of a SPOT PLB so they can ensure that all competitors are not only safe but on the course as it was laid out by the organizers.

Personal Locator Beacons and Your Float Plan

PLBs and your family’s peace of mind. The SPOT PLBs are compact user friendly units packed with technology that enables absolute peace of mind, not only for the user but for friends and family alike. The U.S. Coast Guard recommends that every boater have a “Float Plan” filed with a responsible individual that can be given to the authorities in the event that an accident occurs or the vessel is over due. A float plan consists of detailed information regarding the vessel its owner and crew, the type of safety equipment and navigation equipment on board. As well as the intended route or course the boaters plan on taking. But a float plan is just the beginning every mariner and crew member planning on traveling offshore needs to plan for the unthinkable. It is each person’s responsibility to be familiar with the safety equipment and how it is used. You need to be informed and so does your family. Don’t assume that the owner of the boat has made the necessary preparations. Talk about safety, and plan for the worst and in many cases enjoy the best that boating safely has to offer.
For detailed specifications on any of the SPOT products mentioned in this article follow the embedded links on this page to view complete spec sheets.

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