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Boat Covers are critical to protecting your boat in times of non-use. Whether you're transporting on roads and highways or docked for the nite, Boat Covers protect against flying debris and harsh weather. In addition to Boat Covers, you need to cover your seats, the engines and Center Console. Having a boat cover, engine cover or seat cover will save you money and aggravation during the life of your boat.Compared to retail prices, we offer savings up to 37%. The price is right to keep your boat protected for years to come.

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Boat Covers Tops

It is essential to have the proper cover for your boat when it is not in use. It doesn’t matter whether it’s docked at the marina or you’re transporting it across the country or simply storing it at the dock, a good cover is an important component for maintaining your boat. The cover protects the boat against debris and the ravages of the elements. The seats, console, and the engines should also be covered so they are well protected from the elements. You’ll save money on boat repairs if you properly cover everything on your boat when it is not in use.

Shrink Wrap

One way to protect your boat is to use boat shrink wrap, this is perhaps the most popular type of cover. This will protect your boat through the winter and will keep grime and debris off your boat. There’s different wraps available for various temperatures and climates. Clear boat shrink wrap will help with the build-up of moisture on your boat as it has the right ventilation. This wrap is good for southern and the northern climates. You can also see under the wrap easily if you want to examine your boat at any time. If you live way up north where the temperatures are quite cold then the blue shrink wrap will be best for you and your boat. The wrap absorbs heat and causes any snow that falls onto he wrap to melt so you don’t have to worry about heavy snow cover on your boat. This wrap isn’t recommended when transporting your boat or for the tropical locations.

Bimini Tops

There arе many colors and sizes of bimini tops and you can even buy materials to make your own bimini tops. Select a top that’s right for you to show off your own individual style and preferences. These tops will provide great protection for your boat when you’re out on it. You can enjoy your lunch out on the boat with this cover above you to protect your passengers from the harsh sunlight. When you’re on a boat it’s easy to burn your skin, so a good top is essential to enjoy the boating experience while still staying protected.

These arе open canvas tops and they are supported by steel frames. These tops can be collapsed and stored when not in use so they don’t get in the way of boating. If it begins to rain these tops protect you from the rain or provide cool shade from the hot sun. They make the experience for everyone on the boat a pleasant one. The wind also passes through the tops with ease so they don’t fly around. Collapse the top when you want to cruise at top speed and then put it back up once you have slowed down.

You can customize these tops and get a look that’s right for you. So you can match the colors to your boat if you want or go with a wild design. The bimini top 3 bow or 4-bow top is great for a larger vessel. Make sure you know the measurement s of your vessel before you buy your top. Also be sure you get a top color where the sun’s rays have trouble getting through. Get a good height so the top is easy to walk under. These are very popular boat tops and you will see them all the time when out on the water.

V Hulls

If you own a V Hull Boat then you’ll want V hull covers. These are durable, made of high quality material and they are secure type of cover. They cover the entire boat so that it is protected from harsh weather and from debris during transportation. These covers are easy to attach and they stay secure on your boat. They are perfect covers for fishing boats and other craft sizes.