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Binoculars are a fun and exciting tool to keep on your boat, car, RV or plane. Buying a quality pair of binoculars is essential to their usefulness and longevity. We carry a full line of Steiner and Nikon binoculars for you to choose from. WE also carry FLIR Systems and even some Night Vision Goggles should you want to be able to see during the day and the night.

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Binoculars Best for Boating

There are many different types of binoculars including those for auto use, for hunting, fishing, birding, and even boating.
Selecting marine binoculars to meet your needs and wants will also need to fit into your budget. If you wish to look for diving birds from a distance or floating paddles, you will need a higher level of magnification. If you want binocular models for boating or fishing, there are some general features and functions to look for. Some of the features you may need more information about before making your decision include:

Binocular Magnification:
Because of the movement of a boat, many experts agree that seven times the magnification is best for use on a boat, along with a 50mm lens. Both of these features allow steadiness and the correct amount of transmitted light.
Waterproof Binoculars:
A rubber coating on a binocular does not make it waterproof. A rubber coating helps to make the binocular easier to grip and more durable. It must be nitrogen-filled to be completely waterproof and should indicate so on the binocular. A waterproof set is usually better for boating, making them more durable around spray and moisture from the sea. The waterproof type may be more expensive, but are well worth the additional cost.

Binoculars with Gyro-Stabilization:

A system called Gyro-Stabilization removes up to 98% of motion caused by vibration or hand tremor. Gyro-stabilization makes it easier to see your target while you are moving in a boat. This feature is made possible with the internal prisms and rotating frames that are held together with gyro motors.
Exit Pupil:
The exit pupil allows light to get to the eye; a large one is best for bright images with less light available. A binocular with an objective lens diameter between four and five times the magnification is best for boating.

Binoculars Field of View:

The extent of the view you have at a distance of 1000m through the glasses is considered the field of view. A netter binocular will have a circle with a diameter of approximately 300-400 feet. When you bring them to your eyes, you don't have to spend much time looking for your target. The greater the field of view, the easier to view moving objects and scan the horizon from a specific distance.

Binocular Prism Systems:

Two different types of prism systems are the traditional porro prism and the roof prism. Brightness is a factor you want for use on a boat; Porro prism systems let in more light and are better for boating. Roof prism models do not function as well in low-light conditions.

Binocular Compasses:

Many binocular models for marine use include a compass reading in the view. These usually feature a compass scale that can be seen at the top or lower part of one of the lenses. The compass feature lets you take a bearing while you are looking at the marker or buoy.

Lens Coatings for Binoculars:

More advanced models of the binocular allow up to 95% light transmission. The light hits the objective lens and 95% is passed through to the user's eye. Some also feature special lens coatings that reduce reflection for a brighter, sharper image; some also filter out harmful UV and IR radiation.

Types of Binocular Glass:

BK-7 glass is the industry standard and is usually used in simple binocular models. Bk-7 can provide a quality image, while Bak-4 is composed of barium crown glass and provides better resolution of details and a brighter image.

Do You Wear Glasses?

If you wear eye glasses to correct vision, you should choose binocular models that feature rubber eyepieces that can be folded or pushed in. Boating is a sport or hobby enjoyed by many.
To make the most of your boating experience, you will want to invest in a great pair of binoculars!