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3MM-19316 - 3M Marine 19316 - Safety Walk Slip Resistant Fine Tape - White - 2 Inch X 60 Feet Roll
Home - Boat Hardware - 3M Marine 19316 - Safety Walk Slip Resistant Fine Tape - White - 2 Inch X 60 Feet Roll

3M Marine 19316 - Safety Walk Slip Resistant Fine Tape - White - 2 Inch X 60 Feet Roll

Retail Value - $100.39
Our price - $78.89
YOU SAVE - 22%

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High friction, fine resilient textured, non slip material. Reverse side coated with pressure sensitive adhesive protected by a removable liner.
SKU - 3MM-19316
Condition - New
Brand - 3M Marine
Manufacturer - 3M Marine
UPC Code - 48011193168
Size - 2 Inch W x 60 Foot L
Color - White
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